I wonder how long?


I wonder how long it will be before someone see’s this post? So heres a few updates for you, We are still together, we finally got married this year, we have 2 boys now, C & N. C is now 4 years old and N is 6 months, L hasn’t visited us in a long long time… Long story!

I would like to just let you all know that we aren’t getting on tonight, you know where nobody admits they’re in the wrong and nobody wants to apologise first. We are passing each other the baby and walking away not really talking. We have now ended up in different rooms and Im not sure what to do? Anyway, I was remembering better times (not better, or happier, times that we weren’t arguing) and wondering if He ever thinks about this blog we started together a long time ago now? I was wondering a lot of things, were we happier then? Were things simpler? I’m not sure, Things were definitely different, we didn’t have our Boys then, we were living in a different house, we only had 1 dog, we now have 2! Either way, I wouldn’t say we were unhappy now, just tonight is one of those nights, we will be fine soon, its just that awkward moment that we need to talk without each other making excuses.

Anyhow, Just wanted a place to write some stuff down and see if it ever gets seen? Who knows?

Bye for now!


Mrs M x


A good day and night

Well today was a good day (17th July 2012) I wasn’t at work and my prince was working local with one of his best friends, we had breakfast together and spent a lot of the day together (apart from when he was at work – in total about 3 hours!!) our friend Sarah came for lunch and we had a brilliant day. We made £13.10p from taking old clothes to a recycling shop -they paid 70p per kilo of clothes (we took 18.75kilos of clothes in!!) and had a lovely night with a takeaway and a film. Was a really nice relaxing night 🙂 I love him so much x x x can’t wait to see what the future brings and one day look back at all our pictures and blogs and see what we got up to 🙂 x x x

Looking back

I was updating my apps today, while waiting I looked at the other apps I had on my phone. This was one of them, I clicked on and was sill logged in on our account. The last blog we did was february so you guys won’t know what’s happened since then. Are you ready for it? …….. We are expecting a baby boy, Charlie Robert 🙂 <;3 – we are thrilled to bits. We have nearly everything we need already even though he's not due to be with us until November! I have to say its the best news all year!!! I can not wait. My prince is excited too but shhhh because we haven't told the dog yet . . . Anyhow, I was looking through our old blogs and I can not believe how I had forgot about them! All those thoughts and feelings written down, expressing exactly how much I love my prince and how much he loves me, I hope that he still does feel the same way. I must admit we sounded like we were still in the honeymoon period and I hope we are now, but I have to tell you; a lot changes when your pregnant, I'm getting bigger now I'm past the half way mark, and when I went off sex, Urgh. I felt so bad for my prince, we've always been an adventurous couple but the only way I wanted it was him on top. Poor thing! Anyway. I just thought if he reads this he'll know that I still feel the same about him. I love him with all my heart and soul. And I can't wait for us to get our little bundle of joy!

Prince; you are my world. Never forget it. I love you more than words could ever describe x x x

Your princess x x x

A little frustrated . . .

Quite a boring post today to be honest, all day I’ve felt sad. I keep seeing a lot of people on my Facebook getting pregnant, putting scan pictures up and talking about getting their new prams and having baby showers and all the rest of it. All I really want to do is scream at the top of my voice ‘why aren’t I pregnant?’ when the hell is it my turn? For the people who think I’m selfish I’m sorry . . . But I just want me and my prince to have our own family, no offence puppy but your just not a baby . . .
My Prince has been amazing, keeps telling me it will be our time soon, but after a few months now of trying (which seems like forever) everytime i get my period or get a negative pregnancy test it really disheartens me. I want it so much. Lately with my Prince proposing and doing a bit of wedding bits (venue and looking through magazines) it has taken my mind off it a little and I’ve felt so so happy but today after another negative pregnancy test and starting with a few period pains I’ve felt really low, so i’m sorry to my Prince for being mardy and sad.
I feel selfish for avoiding my friend who is due on the same day we should have been expecting our baby, and dwelling on the past, but I can’t seem to think and wonder how things would be now if we were still pregnant, how far we would be, what we would be buying, how big my belly would be and deciding whether it was worth spending all that money on a 4D scan?
My Prince said the sweetest thing this morning “if I could put a baby inside you I would” I know that he would if he could, but it’s not that simple, after the first time we decided that we would try it took us one attempt and we were pregnant, so so happy and excited and in such a short time it was taken away from us again, but now it seems to be taking ages, I start worrying and thinking if there’s anything wrong with me? Am I capable of getting pregnant again? Is it not our time? Are we ever going to hold our own baby in our arms? Am I over reacting? Who the hell knows?
I just wanted to put down in words how i feel, I just wish that things we’re different sometimes, I shouldn’t complain as we all have our health and we are very happy and going to get married, so I have decided that it will happen when it’s meant to. BUT I’m not going to hold back my feelings either, so I’d like to say sorry to my Prince for whinging and being a twit at times. Just be patient with me (I know that you are and I love you so much for that!)

I love you for everything that we have been through and I will forever. Your amazing and special 🙂 ❤ x

Don’t forget the important things….


Hmmm, today started off well.

  1. Up bright and early, cleared the car of snow and made it to the station in plenty of time
  2. Went first class to London on the train, which inlcluded free tea and coffee. (First Class ticket was cheaper than standard class!!)
  3. Had a nice walk from the station to my place of work for the day
  4. Found nice warm space to do my work

So far so good, anyway, the realisation that the worst case situation I could be in with regards to work had reared its ugly head….. The one cable I need to connect my laptop to the system I am working on was still in my car, 150 miles away….. Oh crap (as my Little Princess would say).

There was no point in trying to think of a way round it, as there isn’t a way round it.  Its not a cable that can be bought from a shop and I don’t have a spare.  They have to be specially ordered at an extortionate price of £700 (there is more to it than just a cable, but I’m not going to go into detail as it is quite boring).

So what do I do now?  The options I have are:

  1. Phone up the office and be honest
  2. Pretend to do my job as normal.  No one would notice anyway… (perks of the job)
  3. Try find someone local who may have the cable i need
  4. Go home

Well, I can’t go home – as much as I would like to.  I decided to phone around and see what I could find.  As it happens, the nearest person who has the cable I need is 180 miles away.  Hmmmm not good.  Time for Plan B.  I will just pretend like I am working, doing the job I SHOULD be doing.  WIll anyone notice?  I really hope not.  Will the office find out?  I REALLY REALLY hope not. 

So my day started off well and is going downhill.  This is my second blog I have done when I should be working….. Hope its not a sign of things to come.  Or I could find myself out of a job…..

Saying Yes…

Ok, so he finally did it 🙂

To be honest, I knew it was coming, we’d already chosen the ring together, decided on the date, paid the deposit and already told Mistress Mummy she was invited!  But I didn’t know when he was actually going to ask.  We had to wait 2 weeks for the ring to be made and delivered to the shop – they had his number so I had no idea when ‘The Call’ would come.  Yesterday he told me that they hadn’t called, much to my disappointment, knowing that if they hadn’t called yesterday, it would be at least monday.  Anyway, whilst watching TV, my Prince decided to give me a ‘Weather Update’ since it had started to snow.  Normally this involves peering out of the window through the blinds, but this time he actually went outside.  I carried on watching the TV whilst he let all the heat out of the house with the door wide open.  He then started calling my name from outside, telling me to come have a look.  From our settee, if you lean back you can see out the door.  I did this but couldn’t see him.  I asked what he wanted but he continued to tell me come outside.  I huffed, puffed and dragged myself up from the sofa, leaving behind the warm cosy place I was.  To my surprise he was down on one knee, in the middle of the cul-de-sac on the freshly fallen snow.  My poor prince must have been there a good couple of minutes kneeling down, with the wind and snow blowing through his (in my opinion far too long) hair.  

“My Princess, I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.  Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

O M G……

I was shocked, surprised and had no idea that was coming!  Of course I said yes and ran to him in my slippers, which I regretted as my feet got soaked.  Should have put my boots on…..

Now the real planning begins, where’s my dad with his credit card…..?


Happy Happy HAPPY 🙂 🙂 🙂Image